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Andy Truscott from The Seventeenth Century

I finally got around to ordering your 2nd ep. I now own the entire Electra French catalogue! What was behind the decision to release them on vinyl only?

“We wanted the first two releases to be something a bit different and we normally buy vinyl over cd so it seemed like a good idea. We think a vinyl release just looks and sounds the best.”

One of the things that hurts us the most, being some 5,000 miles away, is the shows with 2 or more bands we’d kill to see on their own playing together. How was the recent Martin John Henry album release show? Please don’t rub it in and mention how good Adam Stafford was as well.

“Yeah, it was an excellent evening. Great turn out as well. Martin John Henry’s set was fantastic. The songs off his album sounded amazing live.”

Are you excited that There Will Be Fireworks are recording their 2nd album now?  What other current Scottish bands would you recommend?

“Yeah, they’re a good bunch of guys so it will be good to hear their new record.

The Starlets are a superb Scottish band. Moon Unit, United Fruit, The Scottish Enlightenment, Alasdair Roberts, and Richard Youngs.”

What Scot bands would you cite as personal favourites or band influences?

“Incredible String Band, Dick Gaughan, Jesus and Mary Chain, Orange Juice, The Pastels, Teenage Fanclub, Mogwai.”

Can you give us some debut album details? Naturally, you’ll release it as a CD. Will there also be a vinyl version? Do you intend you create something special for it?

“It’s all new songs. Nothing off the first two EPs. Well, Banks of Home may creep onto the record. Yes, the album with be released on all formats. We’ll be recording it someplace very special, but we can’t say just yet I’m afraid.”

My reaction to the news of Mitchell Museum calling it quits was to order the record again on vinyl that very day. What was yours?

“Hopefully it’s more of a break than a permanent split.  I’m sure we’ll hear more from them in some shape or form in the future…”

To be honest, we’ve been unsuccessful in getting MJH’s attention. Do you think you could put in a good word for us?

“We’ll have our people contact his people!  He’s a good lad, so sure it’s just an oversight! Cheers!  Andy”