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Andrew Montgomery (formerly of Geneva)

Two past Scottish acts you admired?

“Billy Mackenzie – a once in a lifetime voice, Cocteau Twins (Liz Frazer – enough said)”

Two current Scottish acts you fancy?

“Um, I’m not up to speed on new Scots bands. (been living away from home too long). There was a Brighton band not so long ago called ‘Gloria Cycles’ and they had an awesome Scots singer called Kenny”.

A hat tip to a new Scottish artist you’d heartily recommend.

“Oh man, I have no idea”

What are your thoughts on the Scottish music scene?

“I always thought that the Glasgow music scene to be incredibly musically fertile, but unfortunately really cliquey and self-righteous at the same time. I never felt part of it. (Don’t think we were cool enough). But Scotland keeps producing questing fiercely beautiful music which goes for your jugular and your heart at the same time”

Do you have any stories or anecdotes about playing in San Francisco?

“In 2003, I played Bimbo’s 365 Club singing for a breakfast dj called  Ben Neill. It was a good gig and SF is beautiful. But I couldn’t get a bead on the city overall and that was my second time there. It seemed to be trading on its past, except for the bit south of Market. We also played a really cool digital radio station.

P.S.- Why the hell did they close the Church of John Coltrane?! When I went to see it in 2000, it was a bloody launderette!”

Tell you what, though, in spite of me being unconvinced, I would totally bite your hand off to go back there  and be proved wrong. One of my pals has the best SF story ever. Her grandfather was the ‘captain’ of the Golden Gate Bridge. When she (his first grand-daughter) was born, he blew the foghorn as she was being driven back across the bridge to Marin even though it was a clear day … sweet!”

Consider this part 1. I have a few more specific questions to ask Andrew about the past and his current projects.

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