Thor G

The unthinkable happened a few years ago. For the first time in my life music failed to move me. Fast forward past a prolonged near death experience. As I recover, everything is now heard from a profoundly more positive perspective.

The music that I cherish the most is the music I’ve written about. So many bands now gone, so many I never got around to, so many to still discover. With that in mind, I’ll continue to pretend that a Scottish music blog far outside Scotland can attempt to capture the vitality within. The format will remain. Reviews are implicit. If the band is featured it is a high bar recommendation. As much as possible, I will strive to generate something different with a wider perspective and memory.

It will be my own “Little Corner of Scotland” which I will happily share with the rest of you – however few and far between you are.


 Pedro has moved to the east coast but will remain the ‘resident’ artist. 



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