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Tango in the Attic

A few years ago, I had contacted you while trying to locate a copy of your first release ‘Bank Place Locomotive Society’. You kindly sent me a digital copy and said “enjoy”.   Getting the music out there, obviously, isn’t a uniquely Scottish characteristic, but as a whole you do seem more charitable than many in that regard.

“There’s not a lot of money to be made from selling albums so it’s more important to get your music out and create an audience.”

“Off to States” are words that fill me with anxious optimism. Situated out here on the West Coast, it more often than not translates into disappointment.  I saw that the dreaded visa difficulties foiled the Viper Room show back on the 5th of March. Do you have any other U.S shows after you hit South by Southwest?

“We were concentrating a lot on getting the new album (Sellotape) finished before we got out so it gave us a couple more days to get stuff done. We’re just coming home after SXSW; Our gig schedule here’s been pretty packed which has made up for things a bit.”

I once arranged to be in LA for the first North American Hope of the States show. Sadly, visa issues scuttled that experience as well . How cumbersome a process is it actually?

“It’s pretty cumbersome to be honest; we got caught out by some small print…we were quite lucky it only cut a couple of days out of our trip.”

The new single is now out.  In the process of searching for it before it was released, I did uncover a live version of ‘Swimming Pool’. Is it on the new record as well? Is it indicative of a ‘new musical direction’? It certainly sounds like a purposeful change.

” I think so, we’ve definitely tried to be sonically purposeful with this record.”

Can you provide some details about the album?  I am looking forward to actually purchasing this one.

“It’s called Sellotape and its out on the 23rd of April, I think. Were really excited about it.”  (now pushed back to May)

We are always interested in what Scottish artists current bands consider to have been influential in forging their own musical sensibilities.  Do you have any stories to share?

“I’m not too sure about any stories. The Strokes came out when we were all at that age of discovering music…I’ve always seen that as good timing.”

Finally, is there an emerging act that you’ve stumbled across that you feel we must investigate?

“Both “Davey Horne and the Golden Pipes” and “Tomas Bird and the Blonde Spirit” have coming out in the next month or so. We’re mega excited for both of them.”


When I sent these questions, I had not been able to listen to the new single ‘Paw Prints’. Thanks to Claire from Badge of Friendship, we did manage to ‘catch up’ with them while they were still at SXSW. Consequently, the answers are much briefer than I would have hoped. Once the album is released we’ll try to follow up properly.  Having finally heard the single a few times, I’m not so sure the music will have changed altogether that much. I’m certainly looking forward to hearing the entire album.



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