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The Little Mill of Happiness

I’ve had your EP Capsized Sailors for  a few months now. I love how it  sounds much more than a 5 song EP. It is actually pretty easy to imagine it expanded into a full length. How are the plans toward that progressing?

“We plan on recording a double single in early Summer and from there the full album. So hopefully before the end of 2012!”

I rather enjoy the name: ‘The Little Mill of Happiness’. Is there a story behind it?

“The name came from a biography I was reading about Saint Bernadette who was the little girl who saw the Virgin mary, an aperation of Virgin Mary at Lourdes in France. She described her upbringing as a really happy one in it she described her home life as the little mill of happiness.”

Last summer, I was trolling the ‘Scotland is Alive with Music’ facebook group. To be honest, it was a little hard to find much to my liking there  but a live Belladrum version of Villa Boas caught my eye and ear. A chorus  line of guitars in a strange shiny vehicle/trailer/studio. It seems to be  an interesting festival. What is it like?

 “Belladrum is a fantastic festival in beautiful surroundings. It appeals to people of all ages and tends to be a very laid back, safe and absorbing festival experience. Local organic brewerys and food stalls sell great local produce and there is always a great mix of international and local artists performing. We loved our show there.”

Musically and lyrically you paint a dark picture. Although it is pretty  tangential, my first frame of reference might be Therapy? What inspires the  lyrics? 

 “I suppose what inspires the lyrics – – it’s a funny thing because you worry about talking about the sourc —  what inspires the lyrics is that I really enjoy doing a thing where I don’t write autobiographically but I do put myself in a certain situations or scenarios and write about friends in a way, because I do in a way, it does sound a bit wanky but its that whole thing about ‘you can say a lot more by  wearing a mask than just writing about yourself..coz thats just a bit fucking boring really.”

You cite, as influences, all the bands I studiously avoided in the 90’s. Growing up in Canada, I went through this strange anti-American phase. I had to discover Pavement through Urusei Yatsura. Are there Scottish bands you found influential?

“There are many. Particularly Arab Strap, Mogwai, early Laeto, Aereogramme, Cocteau Twins, Stetsonhead”

How long has TLMOH been around? What is the game plan?

“We’ve all been in other bands (Lush Rollers, Shutter, Lowtide Revelry, Abagail Grey) but we got together 3 years ago. We didn’t start playing  live for some time and view this year as our proper launch.”

I’m sort of expanding my musical scope outward from Glasgow and  Edinburgh.  Does Inverness contain any other hidden gems or secrets? Are there any  other bands you’d feel charitable enough to point out to us?

Inverness and the local area have some great artists. We highly recommend checking out Megan Blyth, PAWS and Zombie Militia.

Thanks again for the interview.  Hope you like the EP! We are supporting Pelican at Stereo/Glasgow on April 10th and are looking to tour just after this.

Thanks again


Do watch the Belladrum clip:




Musically 'living' in Scotland

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