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Panda Su

Back in the myspace era, you mentioned that you’ve actually played in San Francisco. Do you remember the venue? How was the experience?

 Back in 2008 I went travelling round the States for two months and stopped off in San Francisco for a visit. I can’t remember where it was exactly, but we went along to an open mic in a venue on a very bumpy street. I also have a very vague memory of eating breakfast with sea lions the morning after.

2 EPs done. Any word when we might start to look forward to the first full length?

 It’s obviously something that I’m working towards but it’s a big project and I want to take my time. I’ve not had a chance to do much writing this year but I’m back in the studio over winter and I’ve got lots of ideas I’d like to work on.

Having recently stumbled across the book ‘Moviegoer’, I instantly and naturally thought of Panda Su. Was it the inspiration for the song?

 I wasn’t aware that there was a book called Moviegoer. I’ll need to track it down and have a read.

 I became aware of ‘Go North’ this summer. It seems like my kind of festival. What was the experience like?

 I’ve spent a lot of time in the Highlands this year and every show I’ve played there has been really enjoyable. Go North is more of an industry affair – keep your eyes peeled for other festivals taking place in and around the Highlands like Belladrum and the Black Isle Shindig. There’s plenty of new music on offer and some fairly spectacular scenery too.

 So I just ordered 4 Panda Su badges. You are not going to suddenly grow weary of the bear are you? I’m sure you’ve been asked countless times and you should probably tell me to go find out for myself, but why the love of pandas? Now that I’ve got my receipt, I also need to ask about this Peter Panda?

 I’m not going to grow weary of the bear – although admittedly I did grow weary of spending a tenner on face paint before every show! The panda is a very solitary creature and I’m quite a private person so it was a perfect fit for my music. Peter Panda Records is the name of my record label. I was reading Peter Pan at the time and obviously felt inspired.

 What Scottish artists do you fancy? Is there anyone you would like to recommend that we should check out? Is it wrong that I like the Pearl and the Puppets song ‘Make me Smile’?

 Jonnie Common’s album ‘Master of None’ just came out on a lovely little label called Red Deer Club and is brilliant. I’m also fond of I Build Collapsible Mountains, who have also just released their debut album. It’s not wrong if you like ‘Make Me Smile’ but it is wrong if you try to emulate Pearl’s Glaswegian accent, unless of course you are actually Glaswegian. And a girl.

 What’s your favourite Chemikal Underground record?

My answer probably isn’t going to help you get noticed, but I don’t actually own any Chemikal Underground records. I’ve spend my life on the east coast and although I was aware of bands like The Delgados, I was probably more inspired by labels like Fence Records than Chemikal. Next time you’re over here visiting I’ll take you on a whistle stop tour of Fife and we’ll stop off in Dundee too. There’s a whole host of musical happenings taking place in these places – and nothing beats a good bout of fresh sea air!

And lastly, would you be so kind as to ask glasGOwest a question?

It’s something I didn’t get the opportunity to do while I was there, which I now deeply regret, but have you ever been to Alcatraz? If yes, were you there as a visitor or a prisoner? Also, what’s the worst crime you’ve ever committed? (I know I appear to be asking you three separate questions, but you asked me eight so I think it’s fair)

I have been here for 15 years, and even though I pass it every day to get to work I’ve never actually gone out there. New Year’s resolution #12I am most definitely a prisoner. Crime? I’ve heard throwing old wedding rings from the Golden Gate bridge is punishable by law.




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