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Stuart Dougan from the French Wives

I’ve been following you for quite awhile.  I’m very excited to hear the news that the first full length is imminent. Do you have any details you’d like to share? You’ve been rather generous in releasing free songs, is the album primarily newer material? I trust Me vs Me will find its way on to it?

“Well, we’re finishing recording the album next month and it should hopefully be available in February 2012 through Electric Honey Records.  Quite excited about getting it finished and letting people hear it as it’s mostly new stuff and, to our ears, is much better than what we’ve done.  Me vs Me and Halloween both feature on the album but will be fairly different arrangements.  Hopefully people will still like them.”

 I’m listening to your music now and the 2 band comparison game yields ‘ The Seventeenth Century’ crossed with ‘Cancel the Astronauts’. Are there other Scottish bands or a ‘genre’ that you identify with?

“Certainly not intentionally, no.  There are bands that we like that happen to live or play in Glasgow but we don’t actively try and be a part of any kind of a scene or movement.  You just get to see these bands a lot as you play in the same places and get to make friends.  Cancel the Astronauts are great, we’ve played with them many times.”

We are all about past Scottish influences. What are yours?

” There’s lots of great Scottish bands we are influenced by like Orange Juice, The Bluebells and Belle and Sebastian. Tony Doogan made his name working with Belle and Sebastian so it’s amazing that we’ve got him producing our record.”

Are there any current Scottish bands you follow, admire or envy? I noticed Endor is opening on the new single launch. Say ‘Hi’ for us.

“Yeah, as I said there are Scottish bands we like or get on with, Endor would certainly be one of them. Our friends Admiral Fallow are doing really well for themselves just now which is great to see. I’ll be sure to say ‘hi’.”

What are your thoughts on the current local Scottish music scene? Internationally, can it export more than Frightened Rabbit?

“I don’t really think about it too much to be honest. There are certainly good bands and if you want to export yourself then with enough time and effort it can be done. Frightened Rabbit aren’t the only one’s who’ve done it recently. If you look at how well The Twilight Sad and We Were Promised Jetpacks have done internationally it’s not a completely unattainable thing to do.”

Do you have any plans to conquer America? Have you ever played here – a hop to New York perhaps?

“We do have tentative plans to come to America next year and that would include a trip to New York. If so, can we stay with you and will you bring people to our gig because otherwise we’ll be homeless with no-one to play to. It’s not neccesarily just going to be east coast only.  All depends on whether we get to SXSW or not and then what kind of dates we can put together off the back of that.”

What is your favourite venue and festival over there?

“I like watching gigs at King Tut’s and Sleazy’s. As for playing gigs, I don’t really have a favourite to be honest. The best festival we’ve done is called ‘Insider’ in Aviemore. It’s still only in it’s 3rd year I think but it’s great. Set out in a forest with lots of great bands and interesting things to do. Totally independently ran too which is nice.”



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