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A blog about Scottish music from San Francisco, you ask?  I’ve found that I’ve focused almost exclusively on that ‘indie’ scene. I’ve matured from being snobbily Glasgow-centric to Edinburgh and beyond.

While I have experienced a Jetpacks/Twilight/Rabbit triple bill, and managed to see Biffy three times in the last year, the number of acts making it to the west coast are few and far between.  Nevertheless,  I intend to try to write about those bands that do manage to cross pond and continent to get here as well as those I’m clearly going to have to travel to see over there.

My partner in crime, Pedro Mena, will lend his artistic talents and provide the enthusiasm that we can actually get a third tenth person to read our blog.

I’ve been more sensitive to Scottish music ever since Stuart Braithwaite handed me an unlabelled factory screw up split single from the back of the van while opening for Urusei Yatsura back in 96. Prior to that, most of my music was from the “U.K.” with no regional distinctions made.

I truly believe that there is something special about Scottish artists that, quite often, they themselves don’t fully appreciate. If there is a purpose to this blog it could well be said that it is to illustrate just what it is. At the end of the day, however, the music speaks for itself.


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